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Presentation coaching: everything for your presentation but the projector

I coach business professionals to become more polished public speakers and more effective written and visual communicators. If you would like to know more about that, click here.


Private coaching for working actors and for those who want to be working

What I offer

  • Auditions:  monologues & cold readings
  • Scene study
  • Text analysis
  • Shakespeare

As a professional director and acting coach, I have a strong track record of compelling and successful productions of both classical and new works in New York, London and the American regional theatre. I have been honored as a Fulbright Scholar and have earned a Master’s Degree with Distinction from the Shakespeare Institute in Stratford-upon-Avon, UK.

How I can help you

I will put my insights and experiences to work to help you make bolder choices, find your voice in the text, showcase your talent in auditions and rehearsals – whether you are walking into an audition or the first day of rehearsal. As you learn how better to market yourself as well as to further develop your craft, we will find the material that most dynamically explores your range and possibilities as an actor, to harness your stamina and creativity to do the best work you’ve done yet!

Create a new connection to both the classical and contemporary text, to yourself as an actor, to your place in the working theatre.

$65 per hour.  Discounts available if you purchase multiple session packages.

I offer 3-, 5- and 7- session grad school audition prep packages.  I can help you select the strongest material to showcase your talents and significantly improve your chances of being admitted to the program of your dreams.

Initial consultation is free.

Let’s get to work!

Contact me to set up your first coaching session; together, we’ll find the right pieces for you and send you into the audition fray with greater confidence, greater clarity, bolder choices and greater ease.


Coaching testimonials: Actors say…

Kate Kenney“Working with Kate Powers is like being in a master class for auditioning. A sage of mining the details of the language on the page, Kate has helped me to discover the strongest choices I can make for my monologues, and she knows all the right questions to ask an actor to really get the emotional life firing on all cylinders. My confidence level in myself and my work soars after working with her.

“Kate not only works with you to make your monologue emotionally engaging; she suggests physical choices that ensure you aren’t just standing there with your hands at your sides reciting words. Her sense of direction and play make the monologue into a mini play starring you!”
– Kate Kenney

Erik Sherr“Kate asks you the important questions you need to answer to get at your character’s truth. With laser-like insight, she will help you analyze the text and encourage you to get very specific about what you are doing, why you are doing it and why you are doing it NOW. She is supportive, friendly and will not judge you. And if you’re looking for a Shakespeare coach to get you ready for that Hamlet audition, take it from a veteran Shakespeare performer – you’ll be very hard-pressed to find Kate’s equal in knowledge and experience!”
– Erik Sherr

Amy Rebecca Bennett“Kate Powers is, by far, the best coach I have ever worked with. Her feedback is honest, insightful and practical; she gives suggestions that bring more depth to your work on the very next read. After our first session, I saw immediate results in the quality of my auditions. Kate not only helps make the monologues you have much more rich, she is an invaluable resource for finding new material that is right for you. I couldn’t recommend working with Kate Powers more highly!”
– Amy Rebecca Bennett



Kate’s text analysis-driven scene study class

Too often, actors don’t know and directors don’t help them to discover the answers embedded in the text.  In this class, I’ll teach you how to find them on your own.  Through vigorous, mindful text analysis, we’ll mine the script for meaning, for playable actions, for bold choices that showcase your talents as an actor.

  • Discover your objectives quickly
  • Refine your ability to analyze the clues the playwright gives you, so that you can make big, essential text-driven choices
  • Learn to put the language to work to help you achieve your objective − the word choices, the very sounds of the words, the pauses
  • Every student works every session

I have directed at the American Shakespeare Center; I have directed at Theatre Aspen.

I have taught at Juilliard; I have taught at Sing Sing; I am an adjunct professor at SUNY Purchase & Fordham University.

I can help you find monologues and scenes on which to work; you can also come armed with projects that are on your hit list.

This class is for you if –

  • What’s you’ve been doing hasn’t been getting you work or getting you good feedback on your work
  • You have ever had, or ever will have, a side thrust into your hand ten minutes before the audition
  • You have worked with a director who thinks that directing means spending three weeks telling you where to stand

The details

  • New classes forming soon
  • Class participation can be for one month only or ongoing, depending upon your interest, appetite and availability
  • Payment must be made in full before the first class.  Refunds will be given on a pro-rated basis only with at least 24 hours’ notice


Contact me to register for the next session.


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