Becky’s New Car by Steven Dietz

Theatre Aspen, Aspen, Colorado, July 2011.


We had two short weeks in impossibly beautiful Aspen to stage Steven Dietz’s Becky’s New Car — a whirlwind ride of a one woman show that happens to have six other actors in it.  And while we were in tech, the carpenters, pavers and gardeners were working round the clock to complete Theatre Aspen’s gorgeous new Hurst Theatre.  Designer David Thompson built some beautiful ambient sound cues which I never heard during tech due to the whine of saw blades and the roar of the earth leveling equipment outside the tent; I heard them during our first preview and thought, “Hey, what’s that? I think I like it.”

The director at work, with Ted Pejovich and Sandy Duncan. Photo by Reuben Lucas


Stewart Oksenhorn, The Aspen Times

“Becky, played with great accessibility by Sandy Duncan, works at — what else? — a car dealership. … Becky’s New Car has something to say — about mid-life crises, the balance between fantasy and ordinary, cars and what they mean to us.  But the fast pace, the coincidences and some good one-liners keep the atmosphere fizzy. … Duncan is a memorable presence … the dialogue is funny, the characters sympathetic, the story arc satisfying …”

Damien Williamson, Aspen Daily News

“Starring Sandy Duncan, and directed by Kate Powers, Becky’s New Car is a perfect blend of hilarious comedy and poignant storytelling, about the choices and consequences that follow for a middle-aged woman at her ‘fork in the road.’ ”

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