Pieces by Zohar Tirosh

Off-off-Broadway at Blue Heron, New York, NY 2000

Pieces is a very personal exploration of very public events. Pieces is a soldier’s story; a young woman’s search for hope as she journeys from drama school in New York City to military service in the Israeli desert; from peace to shattered pieces in the wake of Itzhak Rabin’s assassination and as she struggles to hold onto her American love while her Israeli life splinters around her.

My initial challenge with Pieces was one of presumption. When Zohar first read the play to me, I was energized by the material and I saw it onstage in my mind. But at the same time, I had never directed a one-person show based on real events in that person’s life. I asked myself, “Who am I to direct this woman when she lived these events?” What I discovered was the chasm between telling the story of an experience one has had and a theatrical event. It was precisely for me to direct her, to dig into her story with her and to unearth the theatre that it was to become.

My rehearsal refrain was about action. Zohar was inclined to fall back on telling the story to us, instead of discovering it before her and asking us to help her understand what she was seeing, feeling and experiencing. It was a compelling and engaging story when Zohar first read it to me; what we did together was to turn a story into a play.


Time Out New York
” Zohar Tirosh blows you to Pieces in this true story about a woman’s journey from New York to the Israeli army.”

Martin Denton, NYTheatre.com
“Tirosh’s words deserve to be heard and understood… Pieces is compelling and provocative, and those interested in the state of Israel today will find much that’s of value in Tirosh’s show.”

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