The Voice of the Turtle by John van Druten

Westside Repertory Theatre, New York, NY, 1996


Peter Filichia, TheaterWeek:
“When you go theatregoing, take in at least one off-off-Broadway show, for “The Small Stem” has its many charms, too… no theatre does it better than the Westside Repertory — For a while, it appeared that I’d have to stand. And, based on what I saw of their The Voice of the Turtle — one of the most delightful experiences I’ve had all season — I would have — and gratefully. Westside Rep’s Kathleen Powers delivered a fine production.”

Jeanne Lieberman, New York Law Journal:
” This unabashedly romantic bonbon is as sweet, sentimental and innocent as a Rockwell cover for Life Magazine and just as satisfying… the many sighs and awkward silences summon a genuine humanity that eventually proved endearing. Images of WWII’s home front are deftly elicited with a liberal sampling of between scene-sound bytes from wartime radio… from the response of the packed audience (several eyes were surreptitiously wiped at show’s finale), there are many of today’s snowbound New Yorker’s whose hearts are warmed by romance and for whom “the voice of the turtle” is a welcome call indeed.”

John Attanas, oobr:
The Voice of the Turtle is a play that needs to be handled gingerly; and director Kathleen Powers staged the piece subtly and with great care. Most impressive was her use of music and sound effects, both underneath the dialogue and during set changes, in order to set moods.”

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